Between the Lines

New in the Gallery: Childe Hassam, The Chimneys, Portsmouth

Childe Hassam print of Portsmouth
Childe Hassam, (American painter and printmaker, 1859-1935). 1915 CE. The Chimneys, Portsmouth. Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery. Purchased with Research Funds from the Andrew W. Mellon Chair in the Humanities

Thanks to the help of Professor Kevin D. Murphy, Andrew W. Mellon Chair in the Humanities, professor and chair, department of history of art and architecture, and Mellon Digital Humanities Fellow, 2019-20, the gallery has acquired a significant etching by Childe Hassam (1859-1935), one of the foremost American Impressionists.  The university art gallery holds a major painting from late in Hassam’s career: The Skycraper Window (1934) but had yet to acquire a print by the artist.  Professor Murphy, who teaches Impressionist printmaking in HART 1500W: Impressionism, will use The Chimneys, Portsmouth to draw connections between the gallery collection and the history of art.