Between the Lines

Remembering Buchanan Library Fellows benefactor

Our Buchanan Fellows great benefactor, Dr. Richard Buchanan will be greatly missed.  Richard was a double ‘Dore, earning both a bachelor of arts and a doctor of medicine from Vanderbilt. While an undergraduate, he worked in the libraries.  The library staff was so kind and nurturing to him that he had a lifetime appreciation for the Vanderbilt libraries.  Indeed, he nearly became a librarian before deciding on medicine instead. A few years ago, he and his wife Poppy Buchanan, BSN ’61 set up a $1M endowment to support similar relationships between students and librarians in the hopes of inspiring and helping another generation of students. They regularly welcomed us into their home with a Fellow or two who were not in class at the time, to meet over lunch.

This gift changes lives each semester through these fellowships.

We have planted an oak tree on the south side of Central Library in Richard’s honor.  If you would like to contribute (all donations welcome, no matter the size) please contact Celia Walker.

Obituary in the Tennessean