Between the Lines

Buchanan Library Fellows Are Immersed in Learning

The Buchanan Library Fellowship program supports hands-on student learning opportunities that build desirable skills and deepen students’ understanding of resources and services in Vanderbilt libraries.  Projects may involve curating a physical or online exhibition, developing information literacy skills, contributing new research to academic databases or building technology skills. Fellows (1) engage in inquiry-based and experiential learning related to a variety of topics in libraries and information science, (2) evaluate information from a variety of perspectives in order to shape their own knowledge base, (3) demonstrate persistence, adaptability and reflection as components of inquiry, (4) contribute to scholarly conversations by becoming a creator or critic, (5) synthesize and communicate information to a wider audience and (6) build lasting relationships with information professionals.

Since its origins in 2012, the fellowship has graduated 165 students.  This year, student projects included: