Between the Lines

Campus Libraries Offer Bespoke Workshops

In the wake of the pandemic, Vanderbilt’s libraries provided  additional remote training to address the new needs of our students, faculty and staff. Among the bespoke workshops offered for students:

  • Tableau training taught Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management students to quickly create a visualization, and then how to use Tableau Public to share their visualization.
  • Partnering with Capital IQ, the five-part module tested platform familiarity through the lens of security analysis and provided a “Capital IQ Certified” result if passed, along with a LinkedIn badge.
  • A Business Mapping with ArcGIS Business Analyst workshop was offered to management students. ArcGIS Business Analyst provides location-based intelligence for planning, site selection, and customer segmentation by combining demographic, lifestyle and spending data with map-based analytics for accurate reports and dynamic presentations.
  • An informal Interview Prep workshop taught management students to quickly find credible and up-to-date information on the company with which they were interviewing or interning. How to discover information on competitors, data on market trends, and consumer behavior was also taught.
  • Bloomberg Market Concepts is a self-paced course that gives learners an introduction to the financial markets and using Bloomberg Terminal.  BMC’s Core Concepts has four modules: Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities. For management students who are interested in utilizing financial workflows from the Terminal, there are two additional modules, Portfolio Management and Getting Started on the Terminal, the latter featuring five submodules: Using the Terminal, Analyzing the Market, Exploring the Equity Market, Discovering the Fixed Income Market and Building an Equity Portfolio.  Two new modules, Commodities and Equity Options include Introduction to Commodities, Commodity Fundamentals, Commodity Players, Commodities Trading, Introduction to Stock Options, Using the Language of the Options Market, The Role of a Stock Options Trader, and Basic Multi-leg Strategies.
  • The Stevenson Science and Engineering Library offered training on SciFinder-N,  the most comprehensive source for chemistry and life science research. The new platform incorporates content & visualization capabilities from PatSnap, Wiley’s predictive ChemPlanner, BioRad substance property, PUBMED and NIH’s BLAST sequence search capabilities.