Between the Lines

Libraries by the Numbers FY 2021

Research Assistance

58% Increase in transactions over FY2020 (21,946 transactions)

22% Increase in library catalog searches over FY 2020 (7,849,531)

Instruction and Remote Learning

2.75% Increase in classes over FY2020 (1,229)

5.7% Decrease in attendees over FY2020 (11,722)

1,277 Total presentations

12,371 Total attendees in presentations

Resource Sharing Services

7.3% Increase in total ILLs provided to other libraries over FY2020 (13,457)

4.2% Decrease in borrowing from other libraries over FY2020 (11,962)

163% Increase in document deliveries (scans of VU material for VU patrons) over FY2020 (7,141)