Between the Lines

Developing digital pedagogy skills

Librarian works with 3 students
Photo taken prior to March 2020

The libraries’ early investment in developing online research guides and virtual reference helped us provide continuous service as teaching moved online during the first weeks of the pandemic. That experience also helped us identify gaps in library services and areas where demand showed the need to expand capacity. One such area, the development of digital pedagogy skills among librarians, was the focus of an intensive summer project. Learning opportunities around five ‘tracks’ — including accessibility, active learning in online classes, educational technology, engaging with students, and crafting learning objectives –were developed to support librarians in expanding their pedagogical toolkit.  The team created a research guide for online teaching and training and helped organize the libraries’ annual digital pedagogy summer learning series for librarians. The team also collaborated with the Center for Teaching to advertise the intensive Online Course Design Institute (OCDI); 23 members of the library staff participated in the summer OCDI.

As online teaching and learning continues to expand on campus, Vanderbilt librarians will continue to develop digital pedagogy skills in order to further the academic mission of the University. Starting in fall 2020, library staff have the opportunity to participate in virtual teaching Communities of Practice (CoPs), which are centered around the five online teaching & learning tracks.