Between the Lines

Digital preservation progress

The Digital Preservation Summer Project Team made great progress toward the goal of developing a process for maintaining items for long-term preservation, while also keeping focus on and giving assistance to other summer digital initiatives. They met with each of the other digital initiative teams to determine how best to include digital preservation in the project plan. 

Successful outcomes from the project include:

  • A digital project intake form
  • A decision flowchart for selecting the appropriate library preservation platform
  • Improved documentation made available for the different preservation platforms
  • A questionnaire for new digital projects to aid in establishing a digital preservation plan  
  • A centralized repository for documentation
  • A glossary of digital preservation terms

Looking to the future, the team recommends these additional goals: 

  • Establish a standing Digital Preservation Group to prioritize current collections for preservation and to review future requests
  • Create or improve user documentation for the digital platforms