Between the Lines

Wellness Beyond Measure: Privacy Dimensions of Digital Wellness

The Heard Libraries hosted the conference,  Wellness beyond Measure: Privacy Dimensions of Digital Wellness Conference, for staff.  Personal technology use can significantly impact wellness – both positively and negatively. Privacy scholars and Penn State Berks librarians, Sarah Hartman-Caverly and Alexandria Chisholm, explored the intersection of technology, privacy, and wellness. Attendees at this conference took a critical look at the quantified self movement and the ‘appification’ of health, learned about the hidden harms and dark patterns underlying technology meant to empower healthy habits, discovered the positive case for privacy, and considered methods to practice digital wellness. Following the keynote, break-out sessions with data privacy experts gave attendees the chance to try out strategies to build your own digital privacy plan in a number of areas:

* Taking Control of Accessible Info: Extensions & Browsers – Andy Wesolek, Digital Scholarship and Communications (DiSC)

* Wising up About Smartphones and Privacy – Derek Bruff, Vanderbilt Center for Teaching

* Stronger, Better, Safer: Password Managers and Tips – Bryan Jones, Nashville Public Library

* Developing Your Digital Wellness Wheel – Alex Chisholm & Sarah Hartman-Caverly, Penn State Berks