Between the Lines


Conversation bubbles with kudos quotes in themFaculty and departments showed their appreciation for the new ways library administration and staff have been supporting the entire Vanderbilt community through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Enjoy this brief video of Thankgiving from Christopher P. Loss, assoociate professor, Peabody College of education and human development; Michael Alec Rose, professor of composition, Blair School of Music; Thomas Withrow, associate professor, School of Engineering; Joshua Woods, undergraduate; Sheronda Adams, undergraduate; Brianna Finocchiaro, undergraduate; Elizabeth Meadows, associate director, Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities; David Michelson, associate professor, Divinity School; and the final kudos again from Michael Alec Rose for the Anne Potter Wilson Music Library staff. We appreciate being appreciated, and are proud to serve all our faculty, students and staff!