Between the Lines

The Many Hats of Support Staff

Once again, library staff were among the key organizers of the Nashville Area Library Alliance Support Staff as Leaders Conference. This year’s two-day online conference was offered at no charge,… Keep reading

Student Outreach and Engagement

Student outreach and engagement is challenging during a pandemic! By evening hours, students, faculty and staff alike, are Zoomed-out after having classes and meetings on Zoom all day.  The libraries’… Keep reading

Peabody Pumpkin Palooza


Those looking for a bit of fall fun found it at our in-person Pumpkin Palooza. Attendees received one mini-pumpkin, decorations to help create their masterpiece and a fall treat bag!… Keep reading

Commemorating our Veterans

archival photograph of soldiers

Vanderbilt University has a long tradition of producing and serving military leaders going all the way back to Chancellor Kirkland over 100 years ago. With concurrence of the faculty at… Keep reading

Resist COVID Take 6!

This fall, the libraries were pleased to be part of an important university instruction project: Engine for Art, Democracy and Justice.  The class was conceived by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Cornelius… Keep reading