Between the Lines

Connecting with students in a pandemic

Candid Conversations

The Connectors summer project team developed and implemented virtual events to increase the connection between librarians and students. Ideas ranged from a single event to several sustained events throughout the semester and academic year. Ultimately, the team hosted two fun fall events, began a new reading group, and started Candid Conversations, a monthly lunch conversation with a Vanderbilt faculty, staff  or student focusing on an important current topic. Both October and November sessions were really well attended and the plan is to continue these through the spring 2021 semester. All are welcome to attend. 2020 events since March:

Zoom In, Zine Out

“Zines” are miniature booklets, an artistic expression of the creator on any topic.  Students were encouraged to make Zines on their COVID-19 quarantine summer experience. Students learned about the COVID-19 Archive and were encouraged to donate their Zines to the Archive.

Have a Hoot with Kahoot

Kahoot is a trivia app the Vanderbilt librarians used to engage students virtually outside the classroom with a variety of fun activities.

LGBTQ+ Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Group

The LGBTQ+ Science Fiction & Fantasy short story reading group, co-sponsored by the Office of LGBTQI Life, had interest from students, faculty & staff. The group held reading discussions for 2 short stories every 2 weeks until Thanksgiving.

The Libraries Student Outreach & Engagement Committee is continuing these popular student events into the spring 2021 semester.